Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daffoldils, Dogs and Cars iTunes Download

A drive to Hyannis, MA on a sunny spring day was planned for Gabe. He was looking forward to a ride on the Cape Cod Central Railroad, his second trip as Gabe was only four. But mommy hadn’t called ahead and as a result she had no idea that the train depot would be closed for the season. The opening day was in two weeks.

Quick on her feet, she spotted a sign for the “Steamboat Authority” and then she came up with plan “B”. Mom decided they might as well take a ferry to Nantucket.

What a great last-minute idea that turned out to be, because it was the 35th Annual Daffodil Day Celebration and they would be just in time for the doggy parade, antique car show, and the flower competition at the old schoolhouse.

Gabe and his Mom met townies who told them where to have ice cream, “…the Nantucket Pharmacy, of course, with its old-fashioned soda fountain.”

Others guided them to the old schoolhouse to see the flower show hosted by the Massachusetts Audubon. They saw all the varieties of daffodils and they would vote for best flower.

By the day’s end, the two were so exhausted that they made the ride back home to Cambridge on pure adrenalin from all the fun they had experienced.

African Amerian Publisher launched at iTunes & More

Everyone around the world can now download a multicultural book from Wiggles Press with the launch made possible by StoryChimes™ a division of Siena Entertainment Los Angeles, California.

Wiggles Press is truly multicultural in that writers from varying backgrounds author stories that are based in diversity whether it is content, storyline or illustration. Wiggles Press makes a special effort to create main characters that are African American, Asian, or Hispanic. The stories are universal in nature and meant to teach valuable life lessons that would be embraced by educations and parents.

The initial launch includes nine 2010 storybook releases:

1. Don’t Play Catch with Jelly, George Jack and Jennifer Rackley
2. Gabe’s Nantucket Adventure; Daffodil, Dogs, and Cars
3. I Saw Wild Parrots in New York City, George Sommers
4. Metal Mike, Larry Richardson
5. My Favorite Shoes, Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe
6. Perfect Pet, Donald Cantor and Michael Cantor
7. The Moon Creeper, Monique Howard
8. There’s No Mouse in My New House, Jean Smith Andrews
9. Tyler and the Spider, Melinda Lancaster

For more information or to go to the links for each story click here > http://wigglespress.com/Storychimes.html

Friday, February 18, 2011